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Midwest Hop and Beer Analysis, LLC

Providing a quality chemical analysis service for regional hop growers and craft beer brewers in the Midwest.

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Rick Cole, Member and General Operations Manager
Midwest Hop and Beer Analysis, LLC
319 Water Street, Evansville, WI 53536-1200
608 882 HOPS (4677)

New Pricing Begins January 1st

(New Test Pricing Guide)

At the end of the year, we ask hop growers and craft brewers for feedback on our services. Several of the comments are listed in the section below. We've also used several of their suggestions to fine tuning our services. As a result, I've revamped our pricing system to include multi-sample discounts and discounts for returning customers. The new, online pricing-guide will be available shortly.

Last Summer, I took a look at ways to reduce pricing for tests that could be packaged together. While studying the suggested pricing options mentioned above, I took a much more detailed look at our pricing structure. In some cases the single-test costs increased, but we found that the multi-sample and grouped discounts often offered very significant savings.

Comments From Some of Our 2015 Customers

"We were very satisfied with our experience with Midwest Hop Analysis. I was in a bit of a pinch when I first contacted Rick by phone. To my surprise, I had a real person answer my call on the first attempt. All of my questions were answered, and my customers received their analyses in an expected timeframe. After getting the urgent business discussed, Rick was willing to listen to my questions and concerns about season long analysis, and was willing to look into options I had proposed. I had used another analysis lab in the past, but I was much more satisfied with Midwest. We will continue to use Midwest, and I have referred several other hop growers to them as well." - W.M., RFDoering Farms, Clear Lake, MN

"We appreciated the thoroughness, attention to detail and professionalism that Midwest Hop and Beer Analysis provides in their services." - M.K., Brewmaster, Grumpy Troll Pub and Brewery, Mount Horeb, WI

"I felt satisfied with the results that I received from you. This was my first time testing our hops and the results gave me something to shoot for, specifically our drying methods as the moisture levels were very low. That tells me we need to do something different in that respect. So the information you provided was helpful, you answered my questions in a timely manner. I understand that time of year can be hectic with all the samples coming in around the same time, and I thought your turnaround was appropriate. I wasn’t in desperate need of those results immediately. Otherwise, I appreciated your help on the phone and email, and your willingness to run these tests for us from North Dakota!" - K.S., Research Specialist-Horticulture, North Dakota State University, Williston, ND

"Working with Rick and his team since June of 2015 has been an extremely rewarding experience. Their testing has allowed us to refine our hop utilization calculations and better understand how malt color reporting varies between maltsters and regions. We're currently investigating the difference between reported congress wort pHs and typical brewhouse performance, and the folks at MHBA are as interested in the outcomes as we are. If they don't currently perform a test, they will if you ask! We expect to continue working with them over the years as new issues arise, such as FDA nutrition labeling, and we collaboratively learn new ways to improve beer quality." - J.W., Brewery Quality Control Specialist, Ale Asylum Brewery, Madison, WI

"Thank you for the work you've done this year for OWH as well as other businesses. It's a real pleasure having someone of your nature so close to the farm. I've found your labs ability to get test results back has been more than agreeable in both time frame as well as accuracy. I thought one thing you may like to consider is building a 'membership' program into your business. I would imagine a small 'discount' for members who would agree to return each year with a said amount of tests could not only help ease your mind in what to expect in years to come, but give you an edge for potential customers to utilize your services over others. All in all, I'm very pleased in having the ability to work with you and your lab. I look forward to our continued growth together. Thanks for all you do Rick, stay warm this winter." - B.D., Owner, Ore-ganic Wisconsin Hops, Oregon, WI

"You exceeded my expectations. Your results were incredibly prompt, and I have no reason to question their accuracy. I'm an inquisitive sort, personally I wouldn't mind more details on how the results are determined, but you can count me among your satisfied customers." - T.P., Pfeister Pfarm, Oshkosh, WI

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