Midwest Hop and Beer Analysis, LLC

Providing a quality chemical analysis service for regional hop growers and craft beer brewers in the Midwest.

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Beer Testing

Establish a Baseline

Establishing a baseline for your beers gives you a benchmark against which to compare future brews and adjust for consistency. Currently one brewer is sending us samples to establish a baseline prior to upgrading to a larger brewing system, while another is sending us samples in advance of changing malt suppliers. A third brewer is contemplating the use of a contract brewer and has concerns about maintaining a consistent product during the change-over. There are many reasons for wanting to establish a baseline that documents "where you are" so you can easily get back to that point again.

Labeling Information

Does your beer meet the expectations for alcohol content and bittering level posted on your website and printed on the label of your beer? How consistently can you reproduce the specifications and provide the customers with the product they expect? Alcohol content Dietary Labeling requirements are coming, with their permitted fluctuation ranges. In addition, the beer-drinking public is becoming much more educated about "ABV's" and "IBU's" and clearly want to know about the beers they are drinking.

Recipe Verification and Development

As you develop a new beer you want to know if the end result meets the characteristics you were designing for. Are the ABV and IBU values what you expected? Is the color and attenuation where you expect them? Are you getting the results predicted by your brewing software? Is your recipe development software consistently high or low in its predictions? Testing provides direct feedback on values that are otherwise calculated using "One Size Fits All" software.